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Loaded Chamber LV - A Full-Service and Custom Gunsmith

Custom gunsmithing services in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Whether you’re an avid hunter, a recreational shooter, work with firearms, or you carry for personal protection, you need the right equipment, and you need it to work. The best way to ensure your gun needs are always met is to turn to a professional. In the Las Vegas area, that’s Ronnie and his team over at Loaded Chamber Gunsmithing.

Ronnie and his team of experts offer the absolute best full-service and custom gunsmithing experience around. You can count on the fact that you’re going to get attention to detail, reliable work, and all at an honest price regardless of the size or complexity of the job. Whether it’s a simple sight repair or a full custom buildout, you’re going to feel important and that your equipment is being taken care of the way that it should be.

As an O7 FFL manufacturer with a SOT and a degree in gunsmithing from the Colorado School of Trades, Ronnie is known in the local firearms community as the go-to expert for just about anything. Since 2012, Ronnie has serviced thousands of firearms all along the west coast, building a loyal following of repeat clients. Ever wonder who the professionals turn to when they need help? It’s Ronnie.

Some of the services you can have taken care of at Loaded Chambers include:

  • Barrel Fitting
  • Barrel Porting
  • Build and Chamber Bolt Actions
  • Cerakote Applications
  • Barrel Crown and Thread Cut
  • Frame Mill Work
  • Hand Stippling
  • Lathe Work
  • Metal Frame Faceting
  • Optic Milling Into a Slide
  • Pin and Welds
  • Serrations and Checkering in 20 and 25 Lines Per Inch
  • Serrations Milled
  • Sight Milling
  • Windows In Slide

Something not on the list you need done? Chances are Ronnie or a member of his team can take care of it for you! Give them a call and a member of their friendly staff will help get you squared away. If they can’t do it, they’ll at least be able to point you to the right expert in the area.

The bottom line, though, Ronnie says best himself, “There is really nothing that I am not up for when it comes to gunsmithing!”

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